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Well matched to the dimensions of the product, they will guarantee safety and proper protection. It is worth getting acquainted with how to adjust the appropriate strength to the transported goods, based on the following criteria:

• belt up to 1 ton – furniture, large household appliances, luggage, bicycles, advertising banners,

• belt from 2 to 4 tons – quads, motorcycles, boats, canoes,

• belts up to 5 tons – transport of pallets with trailers or heavy construction equipment.

It is advisable to pay attention to the color of the belt, which informs you about its properties. Moreover, these types of belts are available in various widths (25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm). The wider the belt, the more durable it is. At the same time, we are talking about both the stiffness in the tension and the strapping.

Belts for attaching cars and motorcycles to a trailer

The motorcycle for transport should be properly secured against possible damage. In this type of task, dedicated belts with a special structure will prove useful. This makes it possible to fasten the vehicle by strapping the levers or the steering wheel. Another type of protection are three-point belts, which allow the car to be safely transported on a trailer. In this case, the technique of fixing the wheel is important. The attached cubes or a special rubber sleeve or harness prevent the tape from slipping off the tire.

Belts for special tasks

There are many other models of transport belts that can be used in special cases (e.g. with a different type of hook). There are also tightening belts, where there is no convenient attachment point anywhere, which are very common in transport with timber beams. Another type of specialized fastening are ERGO belts for transport in Austria and Germany. The requirements of using high-performance belts in these countries require the use of only this type of protection.

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