If you delve into the psychology of sales, you will find that its basis is the analysis of customer behaviour and emotions that ultimately trigger a purchase. This is dealt with throughout social economics and neuromarketing, but it is also easily explained by simple human nature. Why? Because mankind has been hunting since the dawn of time to acquire and satisfy its needs. It started in prehistory with the bow or javelin and continues to do so, only it has changed the tools needed. Sales psychology specialists can analyse everything like NASA scientists, only to create needs in the minds of customers all day long. And the created needs will turn into a hunt, and you can be sure that customers will go online for the hunt, and where your first online product is too.

An unleashed online product promotion machine will effectively increase sales in a business, regardless of its size. It will also help tie customers to your offering, keeping them coming back to you in anticipation of other online product promotions. Such a factual approach will help your business grow in the long term. After all, if you assumed that your first online product would appear and disappear like a light at the end of the tunnel then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article at all. I bet you don’t want your first online product to be the last one.

Time-limited promotions – the unavailability rule

Do you remember coming home with a smile on your lips and a trophy from the shop shelf, telling us that you had just been there and made it, while another friend had not? Or your mum telling you that Kowalska from under three didn’t make it, proudly bringing her trophy from the shop? Nothing else worked in this case like the rule of unavailability, that’s what!

If a product seems unavailable to us, it becomes even more desirable in itself than it was before. A global example – oil, a local example – smoked flounder in the mountains. An example from the recent pandemic – toilet paper and yeast! The rule of unavailability is made up of unavailability per se, and hence increasing price.

How do you apply a time-limited promotion to your first online production?

Remember these main features, because they are what allow you to create an online product promotion by applying the unavailability rule. How do you do this? In theory, you limit either the quantity or the time of availability of the product.

However, limiting the quantity for some online products will not be a good solution, because customers will quickly realise that, after all, PDF they can’t run out. Therefore, information about available, last few pieces of a product will be a better solution for online shops with physical products.

So if you have a product online, it’s time for a limited-time promotion!

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